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"Short Term Residence" is the official permission of a foreigner to temporarily settle in a country and reside for a certain period of time. Short-term residence permits are generally valid for periods ranging from a few weeks to several months and are generally used for tourist, business travel, education or other temporary purposes. Short-term residence permits are regulated by each country's own internal immigration laws and policies. People who want to obtain a residence permit may generally need to meet criteria such as the following.

1-Purpose and Reason: It should be stated for what purpose the person who wants to obtain a short-term residence permit will be in the country. This purpose may be for reasons such as tourism, business travel, education, participation in cultural events.
2-Travel Plans: The person applying for a residence permit may need to provide details such as travel plans, arrival and departure dates.
3-Financial Status Evidence: Documents showing that the applicant is financially sufficient to settle in the country.
4-Financial Status: Documents showing that financial sufficiency can be achieved during the travel period can be submitted.
5-Health Insurance: Some countries may require a valid health insurance policy from people who will apply for a short-term residence permit.
6-Invitation Letter or Reservations: In applications for touristic purposes, documents such as invitation letters or hotel reservations can be submitted.
7-Visa Status: If the foreigner is not a citizen of the country of entry, there may be entry visa or visa exemption requirements.

Short-term residence permit allows the foreigner to stay in the country only for a certain period of time. There is usually a requirement to leave the country at the end of the leave period. The application process and requirements may differ from country to country, so it is important to obtain up-to-date and accurate information by visiting the website of the relevant country's official immigration or home affairs office.

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