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"Education-Training-Internship" refers to a process in which an individual participates in order to improve his knowledge and skills or gain experience. This process usually takes place within the framework of an educational institution or a workplace and can serve different purposes.

1-Education: Education refers to the formal and structured learning process usually received through a school, university or educational institution. Education can be general or vocational. This process aims to provide students with general culture, academic knowledge and theoretical foundations.
2-Learning: Learning refers to the process in which a person acquires knowledge and skills on his own or under the guidance of a teacher. It may overlap with education, but it has a broader meaning. It can also take place outside educational institutions and more generally includes activities to increase an individual's knowledge and abilities.
3-Internship: Internship usually refers to the process in which students or recent graduates work temporarily to gain real-world experience in a particular workplace or industry. Internship aims to combine theoretical learning with practical experience and is usually It is limited to a period of time.

Education, training and internship contribute to the personal and professional development of individuals. These processes can be applicable to a wide range of individuals in different age groups and are shaped in accordance with their career goals, interests and learning needs.

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